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Te Kāinga Aroha

Te Kāinga Aroha is the first building in Wellington City Council’s affordable rental programme.

197 Willis Street, Wellington

Completed in 2021, the entire building has been converted from office space into 52 high quality apartments.

Fixtures and fittings in these one, two and three bedroom apartments include floor to ceiling double glazed windows, insulation, air conditioning, fitted blinds, and carpets.

Rent includes whiteware, free Wi-Fi, recycling, refuse collection, and bicycle parking.

Apartments at Te Kāinga Aroha

There are apartments to suit singles, couples, flatmates, and families at Te Kāinga Aroha.

It has 52 apartments, a mix of one, two, and three bedroom rental apartments that include:

Free Wi-Fi
Bike storage
Rubbish disposal

Living at Te Kāinga Aroha

Te Kāinga Aroha is a seven-storey apartment building, located at 197 Willis Street, Wellington. It has 52 apartments, a mix of one, two, and three bedroom apartments. This guide is intended to help you to live well and make the most of your new home.

If you have any questions, maintenance needs or just want to talk with us about your apartment, you can do this by:

Email us at [email protected] – we aim to respond to any enquiries as soon as possible or within two working days’ time at the latest.

For urgent matters such as faults or maintenance, you can call us on 04 499 4444. Our customer service team will be able to help, or put you in touch with someone who can.

There is no car parking at Te Kāinga Aroha, but there is plenty of paid on-street parking for short periods of time. There are also several car parking buildings within a short walk if you need to park a vehicle for a longer period of time.

If you don’t have a car, you can easily get around by bus, or walk if you’re not going far.

For your security, the external doors have an electronic door entry system so that only authorised people can enter the building.

An intercom system allows you to let your visitors into the building and access to your floor from your apartment. Your keys open only your own apartment. Your secure door entry fob only permits entry to your own floor via the lift.

If you are in the stairwell, the only exit points are at the ground floor and basement.

Please note that costs will be incurred for any lost keys or fobs or assisting tenants who are locked out.

Every apartment has smoke alarms, sprinklers and a fire alarm system for your safety. The alarms and sprinklers are extremely delicate and are not to be touched or tampered with. Care needs to be taken not to knock these with furniture or large items.

The fire safety system will be explained to you as you move in and there is a copy of the fire safety scheme located on the rear of your apartment door.

The stairs are to be used to exit the building in an emergency, please do not use the lifts. The two stairwells are located either side of the lifts and you should exit in the basement and into Feltex Lane at the rear of the apartment building.

Te Kāinga Aroha is a smoke free building. There is no smoking or vaping permitted anywhere inside the building. If you do smoke, please do this outside, well away from doors and windows.

Rubbish and recycling bins are located in the basement. You are responsible for bringing down household rubbish and recycling. You are encouraged to recycle and should separate your recycling into the appropriate bins.

If you have large items that you need to dispose of, you will need to arrange this yourself. Please do not leave large items for disposal in the corridors or rubbish room. Costs for the removal of any such items may be incurred by the tenant

For your safety and security, there is CCTV in all of the building’s communal areas such as the entrance lobby, stairwells, corridors, basement and rubbish area.

If you’ve not lived in an apartment before, you might notice that noise travels. Please be mindful of your close neighbours and ask your visitors to do the same. Please do not let anyone into the building you don’t know.

If one of your neighbours is causing an excessive amount of noise, as a first step we recommend you knock on the door and ask them to reduce the noise levels. Often a friendly word is all that is required.

If this is unsuccessful, you can contact Wellington City Council’s Noise Control team on 499 4444 . They will need your contact information, and you will need to provide them with access into the building

Te Kāinga Aroha is a pet free building. Animals are not permitted in the building.

If there are any faults or maintenance needs for your apartment, please contact us as soon as possible so these can be fixed.

If it’s not urgent, please email us at [email protected]. We will acknowledge your request and get back to you as soon as possible. 

For urgent maintenance needs, please phone us straight away so we can get it fixed. You can call us on 04 499 4444.

Urgent items include anything where water is leaking or loss of services such as hot water, the lift not working etc.

Your apartment comes with the following appliances which are detailed in your Tenancy Agreement:

  • Fridge/freezer
  • Dishwasher
  • Free standing oven
  • Rangehood
  • Combined washing machine/dryer. 

If you need help to use your appliances, we can email you the user guides, please email us at [email protected] to request these.

These appliances are the tenant’s responsibility to clean and use as per their intended purpose.

Please clean your oven and the filters in the rangehood on a regular basis. This will help avoid the build-up of food matter and fats which can pose a fire risk.

If there is a fault with any of your appliances, please report this soon as possible at [email protected].


The apartment windows are double glazed, with thermal blinds . These blinds will help keep the heat in during the winter and the sun out during the summer. Your blinds and windows need to be opened daily even if just for a short time to allow fresh air into your apartment and prevent moisture build up and mould.

The apartments have been fitted out with new mechanical ventilation, insulation in walls and double glazing which all comply with the latest building standards. The air supplied to all apartments (bedrooms included) is tempered to 18 degrees via heating coils as part of the whole system. Advice from mechanical engineers and relevant building standards suggests additional heating in the living space is not required, however, we will supply additional permanently fixed heaters to each living space if required or requested by the tenants. Please contact us at [email protected] for more details.

As part of your tenancy the building high speed Wi-Fi is provided from a centrally and is available in all apartments. In addition you also have the option to have your own internet installed in your specific apartment by a provider of your choice.

If you choose to have your own internet installed this is something which you should arrange yourself directly with your chosen provider. Each apartment has been fitted with the infrastructure to provide this additional internet source. However, the cost of installation and ongoing provision of service for this service would be yours and not included your rent

Each apartment is supplied with its own electricity metering. When moving in, please contact your preferred electricity retailer to set up your account. The ICP/meter details for your apartment will be supplied to you.

The hot water for the apartments are supplied by a centralised heating system. Each apartment is metered individually and the usage is charged to you at the end of the month. EMP Ltd manages this service on behalf of the building owner. Please make contact with EMP prior to moving into your apartment to set up your account.

Contact Details

Please reference building (Te Kāinga Aroha Apartments) and your apartment number at 197 WillisStreet.

Each apartment has a mailbox located on the ground floor, opposite the lifts.You will receive a key to your mailbox. Additional or lost keys will incur a charge.If you are expecting a parcel or other delivery, please make arrangements with your courier to ensure someone is home to receive the delivery. Couriers are able to use the door entry system in the same way as your visitors.

There are bike racks provided in the Basement. These are located next to the rubbish rooms. Please contact us at [email protected] if you wish to use the bike storage area. Users of this area will need to register in order to receive access to the basement from Feltex Lane at the rear of the building.

Bikes are not to be brought through the main front entrance or into the lifts. Although the building is secure you should take care to lock your bike each time you arrive home. Please note that there are no facilities in the basement to charge E bikes/scooters.

We would like to come and visit you around six weeks after you move in. This is to check you have settled in to your new home and have found everything you need in the apartment and wider building. This also gives you an opportunity to ask us any questions or let us know about anything you are concerned about.We will contact you about this visit to arrange a suitable time.

We will carry out a tenancy inspection around 6 months after you move in and six month thereafter. This gives us an opportunity to see that everything in your apartment is in working order.

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